Lessons Learned From 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, we’d like to take this time to reflect back on the year and what we’ve learned.
New Year’s resolutions can truly be made by looking at our mistakes, and knowing how to grow from them to make 2020 the best year yet! 

New years resolutions

Not Having Caller ID

Some of us actually went through the year without having Caller ID. Why? We’re really not sure to be honest, but we hope that all those calls that caught you off guard and all those times you embarrassed yourself in front of a job recruiter taught you the importance of always knowing who is calling you. 

Feeling Guilty About Blocking Numbers 

If you’re one of those people who felt about about blocking certain numbers that were harassing you, well we surely hope that you’ve learned your lesson and discovered the beauty of not receiving unwanted calls and living in peace and quiet.
We hope that you’ve learned to accept the fact that your privacy is your right. 2020 is now the time to stop feeling bad, please. 

Stressing Out About Missed Calls

For those of you that allowed missed calls to stress you out, especially when the reminder would pop up, well now you know that you’ve got the smart missed call feature, that only bothers you about the calls that need to be returned ASAP.
But really, you surely also learned this year that no one ever died from a delayed missed call (well, depending on the situation of course). 

Girl with New year present

Allowing Spam To Ruin Our Day

We get it. Spam calls are super annoying and frustrating. No one likes getting them. But if you allowed these callers to ruin your day, well we sure hope you’ve learned your lesson and have downloaded CallApp.
Block those callers and make this New Year a spam free one. 

Having The Same Annoying Ringtone

If your family and friends have been complaining about your annoying ringtone – well we can forgive you this time, but now is the time to learn your lesson once and for all and change things up.
You might think it’s catchy, but clearly no one else appreciates it. Have you looked into our
personalized video ringtones?
We’re sure both you and your loved ones won’t be disappointed.