The new smart missed call feature!

Feeling overwhelmed by all those missed calls? Have no time to get back to them all? People have been complaining to you that you’ve been ignoring them? We feel you. It’s not easy keeping up with all those calls from your mom, dad, girlfriend, boss, co-worker and dog walker, let alone all those unknown spam callers…


But what can you do about it? Don’t you just wish you could filter out the ones you couldn’t be bothered by right now from the life or death calls? And only ignore the people you really want to, or at least be able to better prioritize your calls? Well, now you can …with CallApp’s all new smart missed call feature! 


Start to manage your calls, once and for all. Never let an important call go unreturned or be delayed, and don’t let the less than important ones take up your precious time.  The smart missed call feature is smart beyond belief. Not only does CallApp recognize numbers to prevent spam calls and embarrassing situations with it’s Caller ID feature, but it will also remind you when you’ve got a missed call, and when it’s one that needs to be returned ASAP (or not). It actually understands your calling behavior….


What does this mean? It means that it will be able to recognize which calls need to be returned, and which calls can well..wait a few hours. Yep, you got that right, it’s THAT smart. Based on your calling behavior, the all new smart missed call feature will be capable of knowing exactly when to send you an urgent reminder, and when it’s your mom calling, depending on your relationship with her, it’s likely to know not to send too many reminders. Don’t worry, she’ll never know! 


We promise you, filtering has never been so easy and simple, in fact even more so than perfecting an Instagram picture, because here – we do the work for you. It’s a completely personalized system that pretty much creates different levels of importance for your contacts. It’s made just for you and your calling needs. CallApp has gone far beyond Caller ID and a Spam call blocker. 

So what are you waiting for? Download CallApp now to take control not just of your calls, but your life as you know it.