The Pros & Cons Of CallApp

So they say that everything in life has its pros and cons, and that nothing is perfect. Everything has its advantages, and inevitable disadvantages. It’s always a package deal. Although it’s hard to believe that CallApp has any actual cons, here are the pros and cons of the leading Caller ID app on the market. 


The Pros

  • You will never be caught off guard again (and will always impress job recruiters). 
  • You will never receive a spam call again.
  • You can block numbers and texts  (and they’ll never know).
  • You can look up any number in the world (say goodbye to the yellow pages).
  • You can customize your ringtone in any way you like (yes, with your favorite videos).
  • You will never miss a call again (and will even be reminded which are most important).
  • Your contacts will finally be organized (all your social media contacts will be synced).
  • You will never miss a birthday again (even that’s on the app).
  • You can make incognito mode calls
  • You will never forget who anyone is (there’s a special note feature).
  • You will never have to take an advil again (because your calling experience will always be stress free).

The Cons

  • You will have a lot more time on your hands (freedom can be a dangerous place).
  • You will never be surprised. 
  • You won’t be buying anything from telemarketers. 
  • You will never have a good enough excuse to miss a call.
  • You will never be able to say ‘I couldn’t find your number’.
  • You will have tons of job offers to choose from (that can be really overwhelming).
  • You will have people loving you and giving you lots of attention.
  • You will always be asked for your secrets to success.
  • Your life won’t be a soap opera. 
  • You’re always going to want your phone to ring.
  • Some premium features cost a dollar or two (personalized ringtones & keypads…)

Man looks at phone

While CallApp has both it’s pros and cons …we’re quite sure you all know what the right thing to do is.

Download call app now for the most revolutionary calling experience yet.