What Would We Do Without Call Blocking?

Have you ever wondered what our lives would be like without call blocking? What it would mean to have to actually answer every call that came in, or watch your phone ring and wait impatiently for it to end so that you can continue doing what you actually wanted to be doing on your phone? 

Wouldn’t that be absolutely terrible?

Street walking and talking

Of course it would, and we’ve got to be grateful for the incredible and innovative technology of call blocking that we’ve been blessed with, that allows us to carry on with our lives in peace and quiet. 

Without call blocking, we would surely be a whole lot more angry, stressed and frustrated on a daily basis.  We would be spending much more on pills for headaches and heart problems, as well as on massages and all kinds of therapists. 

Guy with headache

We would have much less time for ourselves, our family and friends, and would also surely be much less productive at work, having to answer every call that came in, and either shout at the scammer, or tell our stalker to leave us alone for the hundredth time. 

It wouldn’t be a pleasant way of life at all. So let’s give a round of applause for call blocking, and say thanks to CallApp for making that possible!