Why CallApp Was Started

There are many young entrepreneurs out there that aim to make it big by coming up with a unique idea for a startup or a company.
They try to come up with a concept that will be explosively popular to no-fail, providing people with a service that will improve their lives in ways that they never before imagined. 

Sometimes, these ideas work, and see great success. But in other cases, they don’t.
Often times, it’s because the service they thought everyone would need ended up not being so useful, efficient or affordable, even if it sounded incredible on paper. 


So when it comes to CallApp and all of its many features – it’s one of those things that will never go out of fashion. And that’s exactly why it was founded, knowing that it would be providing a service that was bound for success. 

CallApp is not only something that people need, but also something that they want. People need Caller ID for their safety as well as for their comfort. Having the ability to know who is calling you at all times is your right, and no one should ever go without this. 

Blocking any caller that you don’t wish to hear from is also your right. These are features that people need to get through their day to day lives in peace, to be able to manage their responsibilities and priorities, from family to work and really anything. 


CallApp however wasn’t only founded to help people with the necessary stuff, but also to provide the ultimate calling experience to all of it’s users – offering fun features that take things to the next level, such as personalized video ringtones, skins and keyboards. 

That’s why we were founded, and that’s why today we have over 50 million satisfied users.