Your Contacts One Stop Shop

Although the inventions of smartphones are of course completely revolutionary and amazing, helping us go to places and achieve things we never imagined before, truth be told, sometimes all of these apps and different platforms can be seriously overwhelming. 

We’re not saying that we’d want to go back in time and have a low-tech world or anything (god forbid), but sometimes we just need some extra help to simplify everything. Perhaps with some even more advanced technology to figure out all this technology. 

social network apps

From Facebook to Whatsapp to Instagram to Viber and Snapchat and so much more, where do we even begin? Especially when it comes to our contacts and keeping them organized.

As if keeping our contacts organized just from our phone calls and text wasn’t already enough of a challenge, how are we supposed to handle and take in all these new people from all of these social media platforms?
In most cases, we’re not even provided with their phone number unless we do a serious search for it. 

Well, that’s where CallApp comes in, here to save the day, as always, this time around with our unique CallApp+ feature.
Not only does CallApp+ sync all contacts from all social media platforms, but it also updates your contact lists in just one simple click. 

phone contacts

You’ll never have to receive a message from an unfamiliar number again, because that’s the magic of CallApp.