Making A Spam-Free 2020

A new decade is right around the corner, and great things are about to happen! 2020 people! 

Now is the time to put an end to this global problem that we are all affected by.  Countries across the world are affected by spammers, scammers and telemarketers, both in emerging economies and more developed countries, and both through calls and SMS. It’s literally endless. 

Woman calling

But spam calls must come to an end, once and for all, and if not now, then when? There’s no better time, and the longer we wait, the more we put ourselves at risk. 

Together with your help, we can make this happen.
Here at CallApp, we’ve created the innovative technology to save the world, and prevent everyone from being taken advantage of and having their precious time wasted by providing Caller ID and call blocking features.
We’ve done our part. 


And now? Well, it’s in your hands to download our product and make sure that you are taking the necessary measures to protect yourselves. Along the way while you use our app to avoid these spammers and bring them to shame, we’ve also created some fun features to take your calling experience the best one yet, with all kinds of personalized features to have you actually looking forward to your phone ringing.

2020, we’re ready for you.