People Are Losing Their Hard Earned Money

The harsh truth is that people across the globe to no exception are losing their hard earned money due to telephone scams. These people are innocent, honest people who were unfortunately too easy of a target for these ruthless companies.

American’s alone have been found to lose nearly 10 billion dollars yearly on these scams. These numbers are absolutely shocking, and the damage done annually on a global level is unimaginable and heartbreaking. 

A woman hard at work in front of her computer
Many people across the globe are scammed out of their hard earned money

The number of victims continues to rise, and the number of spam calls has been too. Everyone is susceptible to these scams, both men and women, and both those with mobile phones and landlines. 

It’s hard to avoid these calls, and these spammers are obviously professionals and have no shortage of experience in the field of taking advantage of people’s weaknesses.  Many Americans will answer any call that comes in, with the worry that they might miss a legitimate call for something important. 

Often these scammers offer their targets a ‘great deal’ or call to tell them that they’ve ‘won something’.  Other common spam callers claim that there has been ‘problems with an account’, or that ‘money is owed’. 

And that’s exactly why caller ID and call blocking applications such as CallApp are more important than ever. They are here to keep you and your hard earned money safe.

Working hard to protect people from spam callers
Working hard to protect innocent people from spam callers

You deserve to always know who’s calling you, and you deserve to block these spammers from tricking you out of your savings. We’re here to help you, because it’s your right.