The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Phone Calls

Although most of us nowadays have never known a world without phones, unfortunately we too often make mistakes when it comes to making a phone call. Despite using our phones to no end, somehow, we still have a few things to figure out, and CallApp is here to help you every step of the way. 

Mistake 1: Being Unreachable

Whether you are running a business or even are just trying to run your life, one of the most common mistakes is being unreachable. For a business, not being easily reachable can seriously hurt your success. People want to get in touch with you and obtain more information. If you aren’t there to provide that for them, you could run the risk of losing out of that customer. We get that it can be hard to manage all those calls coming in, but that’s why CallApp has missed call reminders. 

Woman talking on phone

CallApp’s personalized missed call reminders can help you filter through your calls, and send you reminders more frequently based on the importance of the call. There’s no doubt about it that this is completely invaluable in our personal lives too.
Caller ID features can also help you know which calls are more worth your precious time, and can help ensure that you won’t be missing crucial calls. 

Mistake 2: Making A Bad First Impression

Caller ID can also help you avoid the second most common calling mistake, which is making a bad first impression.  Often times, when we answer the phone without knowing who is calling, we are caught off guard. We may have been in the middle of something, and weren’t exactly ready to take that call. In turn, we end up answering in a way that was less impressive than our best, and potentially ruined an important opportunity. That’s why we’re here to make sure you always know who’s calling. 

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Mistake 3: Bad Call Holding 

Many companies unfortunately have very poor call holding practices. Sometimes, the phone will hang up in the middle of the conversation and the client will have no way to call the company back. Again, this is where Caller ID comes in to save the day and make sure that everything always goes as smoothly as possible. 

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